JWtje’s BMW E30-2JZ GTE page

Updated July 14, 2017

Welcome to my first website. I suck ass at anything that has to do with computers so this is quite a milestone. I made it with Sparkle and it wasn’t so bad. Don’t have much time for this crap but what the hell.


On the quest of finding the most low profile but able trackday tool with sleeper looks and daily driver abilities I’ve always had 3 cars on my wishlist.

1. A late eighties Audi Quattro 5 cylinder turbo (easy to make it go faster, reliable and killer 4 wheel drive)

2. VW Golf VR6 4-Motion (easy to find cheap but takes a lot of money and effort to make go fast enough)

3. BMW E30 (not to hard to find but costly to make it powerful)


Back at my shop I have this special corner where I save parts for that one project. So I had some intercoolers, turbo’s engine management systems etc piling up when I ran into this really nice E30 with good upgrades of which the most important was the virtually bulletproof Toyota 2JZ-GTE with R-154 transmission. Basically 90% of what I had in mind of building after seeing the awesome build of Vidar Jødahl’s 2JZ M3 but better. Mine you can park anywhere without anyone noticing the cars capabilities. It looks like a €2.000,- E30 but it eats €100.000,- + sports cars for breakfast, lunch and even dinner.


I’ve been very lucky to run into such a good basis for an extraordinary race car and am gradually putting the icing on the cake. I would like to preserve the sleeper look for as much as I can but some things need to give away a little bit of the wolf in sheets clothing. I installed bucket seats because I was flying all over the place on trackdays and this winter (2016-2017) I am installing a rollcage to feel a bit more safe in places like the Nordschleife and German Autobahn.


On this website you can keep track of what’s being improved and if it worked out or not.


Check back every once in a while and make sure to check the video’s I put on youtube of the car.


Thanks for watching